Foodie on a Diet: Tuna and Courgette Bowl

The title leaves very little to the imagination doesn’t it? That’s probably because there isn’t much to it. Well, apart from my little secret ingredient – truffle oil! Oh, and chilli paste, because tuna and chilli tastes so good. I didn’t have fresh chillies to chop and throw in there, but that is always the better option, in my opinion. If you haven’t tried this chilli-tuna combination before, you should. I like to put a little chilli and black pepper in my tuna sandwiches. I find that it makes them a little less boring. You could always throw some cheese into that mix, but I’m not allowed that anymore…

Anyway, I work weekend shifts, so I was off work today, and I really had to scavenge to find myself something healthy(ish) to eat for lunch. I should just have gone out to buy food, but it’s just easier to have the fiancé buy stuff on his way back from work. I’m just mean/lazy like that. So yeah, my lunch bowl consisted of these:


One whole courgette chopped finely. Though, I regretted doing it so finely.


Unless you’re a vegan or vegetarian, we all have one of these in the cupboards. If you don’t, get some. If you don’t eat fish or aren’t keen on tuna, you could put tomatoes and any vegetables you have lying around for a quickie ratatouille, or maybe some white or black beans and turn it into a kind of burrito bowl. John West practically serenaded me when I opened the cupboard.


Unless you’re insanely middle-classed and/or live in Waitrose, I don’t think this is something we consider a staple item for the cupboards. I was gifted a set of three truffle oils by a friend for my birthday, and I love them all! Truffle oil is amazing, though perhaps not that versatile because of the stronger smell and flavour. Let me know if I’m wrong.

The last ingredient was chilli paste, which you can get anywhere for like £1.


Pour about a tablespoon of the oil in the pan, because courgettes soak up oil quickly. Use any oil if you haven’t got a friend as good as mine.


Fry the courgettes (zucchinis) for a couple of minutes with a few drops of chilli paste. Just add cracked black pepper if you don’t like heat. My African heritage draws me to heat, so I always have chilli or hot sauce within reach.


Add tuna and mix everything about until the courgettes look soft, but still crunchy, or until you’re too hungry to wait. Add a little sea salt to taste if you feel it needs it. What’s great about this is that when I mention the oil to friends and family, it suddenly becomes a slightly more impressive meal, but that bowl is really nothing but desperation with overtones of pure laziness.


Just look at its steaming gloriousness! (I couldn’t resist black pepper on the top). Yes, yes, it tasted great.



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