My Love Affair with Mr Y, and Doing a Bridget Jones at the Gym

One thing that could probably go without saying right now is my slight love affair with post-structuralism – and The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas. Well, my relationship with Mr Y has been a non-existent one. I’ve barely made my way through 10% of the book, and this is a source of shame for me because the surrounding theory in the novel is my blog’s namesake. What can I say? If I could sit on a comfy reading chair with the world carefully screened off from my consciousness, and spend all day reading, I would. Unfortunately, life, and my stupid brain, have a habit of getting in the way and kicking me in the ovaries whilst they’re at it (my ovaries are fine).

I had planned a lovely date with Mr Y at the gym this morning, but when I got on the bike, I put on my audiobook for Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey instead, because I lose track of my plans. I was stupid enough not to eat more than usual before the gym, and despite feeling slightly faint, I kept running because the book was finally getting interesting. When getting off the bike I displayed my special brand of being too stupid to drink some water and temporarily forgetting how to walk, and I described this to my friends on our Whatsapp group of wonder women as “I did a Bridget Jones off the bike”. They knew EXACTLY what I meant, and after several Bridget-themed insults aimed at yours truly, or trolling (let’s be honest), that was that.

I did wonder, though, what they would said had they never read Helen Fielding’s books or seen Bridget Jones’ Diary. Maybe Bridget’s character is well known enough that people think of her as synonymous with being ditsy, accident prone, and a bit of stupid?

In any case, I’ll certainly persist with The End of Mr Y after I’m done with the other books I’m reading, and when I get off my arse, I’ll have some reviews coming for Elizabeth is Missing and The Bees by Laline Paull. For my reading group at work tomorrow, I’ll be leading a discussion on Room by Emma Donoghue and I also plan to post a review of it here soon after I’m done. Having said that, I haven’t started the book yet…but I’m a fast reader, so I’m sure I’ll be fine. Probably.

LaurBridget_Jones_s_Diary_Ren_e_Zellweger_I_m_every_woman_OFFICIAL_HD_VIDEO (1)

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